Big shoes

Aren’t they too big for you?


Kids love wearing adults shoes. Shoes are too big and clumsy to walk for them.
But they smile proudly with big shoes.


Baby Brito

You are a baby burrito
I am gonna eat you!


My son loves to play being wrapped up in a blanket. I call this play “Baby burrito” or “Baby tacos”.  He rolls around with so much laughter. Simple play and simple happiness.

Love Noodles

Long, thin, tasty
and I can play with it, too?


Watching a little one eating noodle dish is just so much fun. (regardless of the mess you have to clean up later).  They grab noodles, put them in their mouth, and strings of  noodles are hanging from their mouth. By the end of the meal, it looked like a duck did an investigation in the bowl of noodle – The mess is beyond imagination.


Please slow down
mommy can’t keep up with you!


As soon as my son started walking, it was game over. He was very active and I had to have a harness when we walked outside side walk or go to stores. It was just too much of risk to let him walk freely and it wasn’t possible to follow a little boy who ran like a squirrel. I felt slightly awkward, but using a harness was the option to let him walk outside with safety. And it was a relief to receive some positive comments about using the harness from people at nice shops or galleries where kids are surrounded by things they are not supposed to touch.

Cuddle with Firetruck

“night night, My red, big firetruck”
sweet dreams


My baby insisted to bring his favorite firetruck to his bed when he was going to sleep. It’s a big plastic firetruck, and I thought, “Isn’t it a bit hard and uncomfortable to cuddle with?”.  Well, everyone has their preference, and I decided to respect his choice. He may be riding on his favorite firetruck in his dream.

My Car!

It’s my car
no one touches
no one take it away from me!


We went to play area in the shopping mall in Japan where my son fell in love with small car he can ride on. He was playing with the car at least 30 minutes and even later on he made sure that no one takes “his car” away. And of course, the meltdown was followed by when we had to leave the car behind.

Water, grow big!

Water water, grow big, plants!
Water water, grow big, BBQ grill!
Water water, grow big, Cat!


Water is one of children’s favorite “Toy”. My son was helping me to water plants, but then he decided a BBQ grill also needs to be watered, then he continued to watering on our cat. By the end, he watered everything in the backyard as well as plants. Good job ^^;

Popcorn Popper

Pop-pop is an adorable sound made by a baby
at 1:00 PM
but pop-pop became unbearable noise
at 5:00 AM


A popcorn popper seems to be a must to have toy  for a baby. We received it as a present to my son. It’s so adorable to see him pushing it and making “pop sound”. But the “pop sound” became incredible “pop noise” when he pushed it 5:00am in the morning.  For the baby, any time is good time to push the Popcorn Popper – Pop! Pop!

Walking Walking

walking is incredible
I can use my hands and push my car
then, go faster!


It must be such an incredible experience for babies to walk. They have different view point, be able to reach something higher, be able to use their hands freely, and faster mobility to point A to point B. And of course, it’s such a joy for the parents to see their babies walking.

Ah-Oh! The first word

“Ah-oh, you dropped your spoon. don’t worry”
Here it is, your spoon.
“Ah-Oh” (Drop the spoon)
“Ah-Oh!” (Drop the spoon, again)


I think one of my baby’s first word was “Ah-Oh”. He learned it by dropping his spoon. Then he repeatedly dropped his spoon to say “Ah-Oh”. I picked up his spoon more than ten times per meal. Hearing the first word from your baby is such a wonderful moment, but any happiness seems to come with some work.

Love Shopping

Shopping is still fun
Red, blue, yellow and so many different style
Only things though, now I browse baby clothes instead of my shoes
They are just so cute


I love browsing clothes time to time. I can be lost in the Amazon online store for hours… you know what I mean. Before I became a mom, I was checking my clothes and shoes. Now I am still browsing online shopping site, but on baby clothes. I never imagined I will have fun looking for other human being’s clothes.


In the airplane to Japan
In the bassinet in the airplane
Peeking with small eyes with a big curiosity


We were traveling to Japan when my baby was ten months old. ANA (All Nippon Airways) provides a bassinet to a baby who weighs less than 22lb (10kg). I was expecting a difficult travel since it’s ten hours’ flight, but luckily my baby slept and stayed in the bassinet all the way to Japan from US. Perhaps, it was cozy little bed in the airplane for him.

Bassinet was 33.5 x 17.7 x 13 inches (85 x 45 x 33 cm) and he fit in that!

Sweet Dream

Goodnight my love
Mother is here and nothing to worry about
Have a sweet dream


There are different opinions about co-sleeping with your baby. In western culture, most of babies are sleeping in their own crib, but this is different in Japanese culture, at least in my family culture. And co-sleeping with your baby is very common in Japan. I grew up co-sleeping with my parents, so naturally, I chose to do the same with my baby.

Also, I don’t spend enough time with my baby during the day because of my work. At night in the bed I finally have time to be next to my baby for the longest hours. For me, co-sleeping compensates the time I can’t spend time with my baby during the day. However, sweet dream sometimes come with a kick by a tiny foot – ouch.

Breast Pump in the bathroom

It stinks
There is no place to put things
But no other private place is available
I wish there is more comfortable private place for mothers
And those who needs private place for their health necessity


Working mothers who are breastfeeding often pump breast milk during work /outside of home. This is because most of them have to go back to work before infants graduate breastfeeding. And many mothers want to give breast milk if they can.

The reality is that there is not enough private room/space for mothers to pump breast milk in the public place/work. Breastfeeding is encouraged as much as mothers can do, but there is not much support from public/company infrastructure. So they end up using the bathroom….It’s quite uncomfortable.


Breastfeeding – Feed Me!

Feed Me!
Because I just consumed 600 calories for breastfeeding
I am starving!


It consumes about 600 calories by per breastfeeding/pumping breast milk. I was always hungry during the period I was breastfeeding. I ate two breakfast burritos without no problem. I was always asking “Are you done with your food? Can I eat the remaining?” after I finished my plate. How embarrassing that is, but I needed food all the time. On the other hand, I even lost some weights during breastfeeding. How that’s possible?

Feed Me!

Keep Driving, Keep Driving

Baby is sleeping
Let’s park here for a little break
Let’s keep driving and keep driving


We embraced some quite moments while our baby was sleeping in the car. One day, we stopped our car to rest since the baby was asleep. A minute after we parked the car, he woke up and started to be fussy. So we went back to the road and kept driving and driving. Driving car is like a cradle for some babies.

I want to go home

I am thirsty and hungry
I am cold and scared,
And I want my mama and papa
I want to go home……


I do everything I can to make sure my child is safe, have a full belly and warm place to sleep. All children need these and all parents do their best to provide for their children.

As a mother, it is heartbreaking to know that there are so many children can’t get the care and love they need because they lost their family and home by wars.

I am too small to provide the help to these children. Least thing I can do is to make people aware of these children in devastating situation by my art, and not to forget about them.

Mother wants to cry, too

Wa…mommy wants to cry too.


Baby’s crying could be very exhausting to deal with especially when the mother is really tired. She will do anything to calm the baby and bring back his/her smile. But in the process, sometimes mother feels like crying, too. Mother is also just a human before being a caring mother. As a working mother and juggling so many things, there was a lot of moment, I just wanted to cry like a baby with my crying baby.

All lives matter

All lives matter
Together we make the world better place


All of us and all other living lives on this world have the right to be respected and to live peacefully on their home, the earth. We need to work together and care for those who are losing their rights and homes. All lives matters because all of us make this world. The mother earth is everyone’s home, it should be shared with respect.

All is worth it

Work, Home and baby
So much work and so little sleep
I am exhausted…. Sigh
But I know all is worth to do when I see my baby


Working mother with new born is unimaginably busy and always tired because of lack of sleep. Sometimes, it’s so overwhelming to do all and I was both physical and psychologically exhausted. But when I see my baby, I realize that all the hard work is so worth it!

Working Mother Image

Beautiful Child, impeccably dressed mother
Everything is in control
That’s what you see as “Working Mother” image on the Internet
Reality is far from that, at least for me


Most of “Working Mother” images on the internet project a smiling baby resting in mother’s arms, and impeccably beautiful mother with perfect clean clothes checking computer screens. That’s nothing like in my life. Maybe there are mothers like that somewhere but my working mother life is far from what internet image projects. Once I had to go to work with clothes with my son’s vomit stain. Simply, I didn’t have a time to change my clothes in order to be in the office on time.

Breastfeeding and coffee

So sleepy without proper sleep during the night
Coffee please!
Oh, but I am breast feeding…… sigh
Every day the battle against sleepiness without caffeine
This is working mother’s life


Every day, I slept only a few hours when my son was infant. It’s feeding, changing a diaper or soothing him.

Then, next morning, I went to work and spend more than eight hours at work.

It’s just so hard to keep my eyes open during work without proper sleep, without caffeine. I can’t take a nap during work either. So I walked around the building to brush off unbearable sleepiness. I felt that I would turn into a zombie one day. Probably I did look like a zombie walking around the office building.

I miss you so much

My baby is so little, but Mother has to go back to work
Mama bear goes fishing with her baby
Mama Kangaroo keeps her baby in her poach
Mama Koara bear keeps her baby in her arms
I am jealous to those mothers who can be with their babies
I miss my baby so much when I am in office


Many working mothers in America go back to work when babies are very little. If there is no help from your family/the States, some mothers go back to work a few weeks after giving a birth. That’s really unnatural and It’s difficult for mothers & babies in both psychologically and physically

It was very difficult/stressful to be away from my baby even he was three months old. He was still an infant, and I felt tremendous guilt and stress not being able to be with him for majority of the day due to my work.

I think, that the stress on working mother comes from not only juggling tasks for work, family and kids. I am certain that there is invisible psychological stress from being separated from her baby.

You are my miracle

You are my miracle
You are my treasure
I love you more than my life


Welcoming a new baby is an extraordinary experience. I embraced the birth of my baby, at the same time I thought about life cycle and connections between nature and human life. Strong feeling bloomed in me to be kind and helpful to others to make this world better place not just for my child but for all of us. A new life also gave me brand new perspective to the life.

One of my best friend Laurence told me, “I love my daughter more than my life.” I thought that is totally overstate. Now I understand well what she meant.

By the way, “the probability of your being born at about one in 400 trillion! (TEDx San Francisco, Mel Robbins, a riotously funny self-help author, mentioned) – Your child is miracle and actually we are all miracles to be in this world.